We are open to new registrations for everybody who’s living in the following zip codes: 1509, 1508, 1506, 1541, 1544, 1456 (Noorderweg until house number 116).

For our registration form, click on the following link:

We ask you to complete the registration form, print it and hand it in personally at the practice. Your identification document will be checked on the spot, we kindly ask you to bring it with you. A copy of your identification document and insurance card is not necessary.

Please note: you are not definitively registered as a patient with us until we have checked the registration form.

  • A separate registration form must be completed for each family member.
  • For children up to the age of 12, both parents or guardians must sign.
  • For children aged 12-16, both parents or guardian and the child must sign.
  • Children from the age of 16 must complete and sign their own form.

We request that you make your registration at the practice known to your previous general practitioner, pharmacy and treating specialist(s).

Birth of a child: a new medical file must be created for your child. It helps us if you also provide all registration data for your newborn.

An introductory meeting is desirable, especially if you have an extensive medical history.

We warmly welcome you to the practice!